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To learn about our Roof Painting options, contact Cork Farm Painters today.

Roof Painting

The family-based Cork Farm Painters has been painting roofs in Cork, Kerry, Clare and other counties in Munster for over 45 years. Our long-lasting business has given us vast experience with almost every kind of roof setup, and we are considered one of the most trustworthy and reliable painting services in Cork.

Our roof painting method not only protects your roof from water and wind damage, but also applies a pristine coat that will both complement and enhance your exterior.


If you would like us to paint and protect your roof, contact Cork Farm Painters today.

Tile Roof Painting

We use only the finest materials for tile roof painting, such as high-quality roof sealant. This helps give the roof a visually-pleasing finish, but protects it from all sorts of weather effects, like rainy or stormy conditions.

We are fully aware of how tiles and slates can erode over time, leading to a “worn-down” look for your home’s roof. We provide a thorough cleaning service prior to painting to ensure that your roof looks healthy and refined.


Roof Paint Colours

We offer an extensive range of roof paint colours to suit any house size, style or colour. Depending on your house, certain colours may coordinate more appropriately.

White Houses
We recommend a striking black or dark grey roof to contrast with your house’s base colour. Example: Monument, Woodland Grey
Grey, Blue Houses
A black or dark grey colour can blend in seamlessly with your house’s base colour, giving the appearance of a larger, stronger building. Example: Monument, Ironstone, Deep Ocean
Red, Green, Yellow Houses
Brown, grey or black roof options are all valid choices, serving as complementary tones to your house’s striking base colour. Example: Jasper, Windspray, Monument
Cream, Tan, Light Brown Houses
Depending on your exact tone, the right shade of brown can look excellent on your house and give it a full, complete look. Examples: Classic Cream, Paperbark, Evening Haze
Of course, these are purely recommendations and we will work extensively with you to determine what the best colour for your roof can be.


To learn more about our extensive colour options, contact Cork Farm Painters today.

Roof Painting FAQ

Are there specific colour combinations that work best?

We provide recommendations depending on whether your house is white, red, green or anywhere on the colour spectrum. If you are unsure of what colour to choose, we can guide you on a vast array of colour options and combinations to help make your house look fantastic.

My roof has broken tiles, can it still be painted?

Like our other painting processes, Cork Farm Painters is fully equipped for both painting, cleaning and repair processes. With the owner’s consent, we will repair any external damage to roof tiles in order to make sure the finished paint job is consistent and uniform.

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