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To learn more about shed repair solutions, contact Cork Farm Painters today.

Farm Shed Repairs

At Cork Farm Painters, repairs can be a crucial part of the painting process. In order to apply a consistent and durable paint finish, the ideal underlying surface is one without structural damage or faults.

In the case of farm buildings, structural integrity can impact the usability, especially in busy seasons and under different weather conditions. Our farm shed repairs can help breathe new life into word-down farm buildings and make sure they are durable for years to come.


If you want to avail of some of our repair services, contact Cork Farm Painters today.

Gutter Repair

One of our most requested services is gutters repair. Either in isolation or as part of a general roof painting package, a working and non-damaged gutter can be crucial for both drainage and appearance.

Typically, gutters can be damaged from strong weather conditions or from long-term use. At Cork Farm Painters our experienced and highly-qualified staff members are experts at shed roof repairs and can quickly solve your issues without hassle.


Timbers Repair and Dry Rot

A common occurrence with timbers is the onset of dry or wet rot infestation. This is usually caused by dampness or an internal plumbing defects, and is especially common in older buildings. It is typically hard to notice the initial phases, and can spread quickly.

Thankfully, the team at Cork Farm Painters has years of experience in dealing with the repairs of timbers and the removal of dry rot. We will excise and treat the affected timbers, as well as treating any adjacent timber in order to completely remove the wet rot infestation. Once excised, we will replace damaged timbers using high quality wood.


To inquire more about gutter cleaning solutions, please contact Cork Farm Painters today.

Farm Shed Repairs FAQ

Do I need to get painting after repairs?

We offer several packages of our services. You can choose to have a full cleaning, repair and painting service done on your exterior, or just an individual repair.

Are farm shed repairs expensive?

We offer competitive and affordable rates to every customer in the Munster area, and we offer a straight one-payment purchase for all services so we can begin your repair or painting process as soon as possible.

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