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To inquire about getting your farm shed painted, contact Cork Farm Painters today to receive your free quote.

Farm Shed Painting

Cork Farm Painters is the number one farm shed painting service in the Munster area. With over 45 years of shed painting experience, we have experience with painting and priming all kinds of farm sheds to maximise its shine and colour, as well as preventing rusting and rotting.


For a reliable and trustworthy farm shed painting service, contact Cork Farm Painters today.

Shed Paint Colours

At Cork Farm Painters we use only the finest and high-quality plastic coated cladding paints in colours like green, red, grey, blue, brown, black and more. In order to adequately apply shed paint colours, all buildings are thoroughly washed to remove any build-up of algae, debris and dirt that may impact your finish.

Once fully cleaned, surfaces are primed and ready to be painted.


Cork Farm Painters’ Painting Process

We use a 4-step process for painting:

1. Power washing is applied to remove debris and reveal original metals
2. If the surface is damaged in a significant way, we will repair it with the owner’s consent
3. A coat of undercoat rust primer is applied
4. Using two coats of Plastic Coated Rubberised Cladding Paint, we apply the finished paint product to the building


IIf you have any questions about our painting and cleaning process, please contact Cork Farm Painters today.

Farm Shed Painting FAQ

Do I need to do any preparation before painting my shed? for farming, commercial and industrial settings?

At Cork Farm Painters, we will take care of any necessary painting preparations with your consent. This can include power washing, surface repairs and specialist primers.

What colours are available to choose?

What colours are available to choose?
We have a wide array of colours available, such as green, grey, red, black, brown and blue. If you require a certain colour not listed on our website, our team can discuss with you on how to achieve it over phone or email.

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