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To learn more about our cleaning methods and equipment, contact Cork Farm Painters today.

Power Washing

Power washing is used extensively in Cork Farm Painters to ensure we remove as much debris and dirt as possible. As opposed to pressure washing, power washing relies on hot water to effectively clean your building for repairs or a new paint coat.

We offer power washing cleaning services for all situations, whether you have an industrial building, shop front or home exterior you wish to refine and improve. Sometimes, deep cleaning can provide effects similar to a new coat of paint.


To enquire more about our powerwashers and cleaning solutions, contact Cork Farm Painters today.

Roof Moss Removal and Airdusting

Powerwashers are effective, but knowing the type of debris you wish to remove can help with figuring out the most effective cleaning strategy.

In the case of large dust or dirt buildup, it may be worthwhile considering an airdusting method prior to applying a strong power washer. Cork Farm Painters is experienced with many cleaning methods, and wants to help you prioritise how deep your clean should be, and also how long it should take.

Similarly, for roof moss removal, a specific moss removal agent might need to be applied depending on the growth. However, in most cases, power washing is an excellent solution for roof moss removal, thanks to its high strength and hot water temperature.


To learn about our different cleaning solutions and methods, contact Cork Farm Painters today.

Power Washing FAQ

What are the benefits of power washing?

Power washing is effective thanks to its high strength and hot water temperature. It’s a powerful method of removing stubborn debris such as dirt, moss, algae and other debris.

Is power washing necessary for painting?

Although not necessary, we highly recommend powerwasher treatment on an exterior’s surface. Not only can deep cleaning provide a substantial improvement to your building’s appearance, it will allow for a smooth, consistent finish when eventually applying a paint coat.

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