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To learn more about commercial painting solutions, please contact Cork Farm Painters today.

Commercial Painting

Cork Farm Painters understands the importance of your building’s exterior, and how its aesthetic and condition can impact your customers negatively and positively.

With over 45 years of helping businesses, we have made many business owners very happy with their redone and repainted shop fronts, and have helped them gained many new customers over the years.

We want to ensure you’re getting the most out of your premises by providing you with an attractive colour scheme and strong, future-proof paint finish.


If you need help painting an exterior to look professional and welcoming, contact Cork Farm Painters today.

Commercial Paint Spraying

We offer many different treatments for recoating, refurbishing and repairing sections of your business’ exterior, and our team can adapt to suit any customer’s needs.

In wintery-months or cold spells, it’s important that your shop front can stand against heavy rain and snow, as well as accommodating for temperature changes. Our cladding and roller shutter solutions will give you high-quality cladding paint that not only makes your business look excellent, but helps protect it from the elements.

We also apply specialist spray painting material to restore the appearances of unique aspects of your building, such as repairing and repainting suspended ceilings.

Our quick and efficient services help you get your shop looking brand-new, and we also include specialist services such as curtain wailing and adhesive coating for window painting.


Commercial Repairs

Cork Farm Painters offers their repair services for businesses, which are just as high quality as their painting jobs. These are available as part of a larger refurbishment package or individually.

Cork Farm Painters has been dealing with common problems for businesses for over 45 years, like cut edge corrosion. By applying a specialist base coat, we not only cover up any exposed metal, but also reseal affect plastisol sheeting that helps it stand for up to fifteen more years.

Likewise, our range of fire-resistant materials and coating help prevent and minimise the risk of damage from workplace fires, ensuring that your building structure remains intact and you and your employees remain safe.


To look into repairing or adding further protection to your business, contact Cork Farm Painters today.

Commercial Painting FAQ

What advantages does spray painting have?

In order to minimise disruption to your business, spray painting can be conducted at a much higher speed yet still offer a high-quality finish when compared to regular painting.

My shop has an issue not listed on your website, can you help?

Our flexible team at Cork Farm Painters not only uses past experience, but prides themselves on their adaptability. If you give us a call, we can discuss your premises in detail and come up with a solution that will keep your building looking great.

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