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To learn more about commercial spray painting solutions, please contact Cork Farm Painters today.

Commercial Spray Painting

For over 45 years, Cork Farm Painters has offered their services to local businesses throughout the Munster area. We understand the importance of your building’s exterior, and how its aesthetic and condition can impact your customers negatively and positively.

We want to ensure you’re getting the most out of your premises by providing you with an attractive colour scheme and strong, future-proof paint finish.


If you need help painting an exterior to look professional and welcoming, contact Cork Farm Painters today.

Paint Spraying

Depending on your building’s exterior and features, we can perform different treatments in order to recoat, refurbish and repair sections you are not satisfied with.

For cladding and roller shutters, we offer an extensive range of cladding colours similar to our farm painting services in order to ensure you get a strong coat resistant for long-term and weather effects like rain.

We pride ourselves on our quick and efficient curtain walling and shop fronts painting. Our high-quality adhesive coating dries quickly to bring new life and protection to your shop front. We also apply specialist spray to restore the appearances of suspended ceilings and offer standard roof repair and repainting.


Commercial Repairs

As well as painting, Cork Farm Painters offers their repair services for businesses, either individually or as part of a larger refurbishment package.

For issues such as cut edge corrosion, Cork Farm Painters applies a base coat that both covers up exposed metal, and reseals the affected plastisol sheeting. This effect lasts up to fifteen years.

Similarly, In the case of exterior features that could be prone to fire damage, we offer a range of fire-resistant coatings to protect the most valuable sections of your exterior and prevent larger structural collapse in the case of an emergency.


To look into repairing or adding further protection to your business, contact Cork Farm Painters today.

Commercial Painting FAQ

What advantages does spray painting have?

Not only does spray painting provide a stronger finish, it allows paint jobs to be done quickly and without much disturbance. In order to minimise disruption to your business, spray painting will give you both a durable paint job and quick, friendly service.

My shop has an issue not listed on your website, can you help?

Although we specialise in certain areas, our team of experience and well-equipped staff members have years of experience with painting, cleaning and repairing. Using past knowledge and research, they will discuss your building’s issues with you and help devise a solution in order to restore it to working order.

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