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To learn more about painting your farm roof, contact Cork Farm Painters today.

Farm Roof Painting

Throughout all of our years in service, we have seen the effect of time and weather damage on farm buildings, especially on roofs. At Cork Farm Painters, our sublime farm roof painting service helps restore your building’s roof to an almost brand-new state, and helps provide further protection against weather effects.


To inquire more about our farm roof painting services, please contact Cork Farm Painters today.

Cladding Paint

When painting farm buildings, we use rubberised, plastic coated, cladding paint from esteemed brands. The weatherclad paint we use is designed to not just look appealing and clean, but help protect your exterior from water damage and long-term wear-and-tear.

Our colours include, green, blue and red, and many more. Specific coat colours can be discussed in detail over the phone or on email.


To learn more about how to protect your farm roof and make it look brand-new, contact Cork Farm Painters today.

Farm Roof Painting FAQ

What advantage does cladding paint have over regular painting applications?

Cladding paint is designed specifically to last long, and to provide resistance from weather effects like rain or wind.

My farm building has an unusual colour, can I retain its look during the painting process?

We have dealt with all colours and styles of farm buildings throughout the course of our business, and are always prepared to work with customers to help keep their farm’s iconic look. If you require a colour that isn’t typically available from standard manufactures, we will help you research and choose the right cladding paint to breathe life back into your farm shed, hay shed or otherwise.

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