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To learn more about our industrial painting solutions, please contact Cork Farm Painters today.

Industrial Painting

Cork Farm Painters has offered painting and cleaning services to industrial buildings in the Munster area for almost half a century. For how quickly the industry operates and moves around, our facility in Blarney, Cork has worked with many trades, old and new, to ensure their facilities look professional and are protected from weather effects and long-term wear-and-tear.


To learn more about the painting options for industrial buildings, contact Cork Farm Painters today.

Painting Galvanized Steel

Typically, industrial structures are made from rigid and resistant materials thanks to hot-dip galvanization methods. Unfortunately, this type of material is not compatible with certain types of paint and will provide an unsatisfactory finish and potentially damage the underlying steel. This is due to paints having poor adhesion or reacting poorly to the zinc in the surface.

Thankfully, Cork Farm Painters are experts when it comes to painting galvanized steel and other materials. We specifically offer Galvanise-compatible painting in order to let you change the default look of a galvanised steel building and protect the underlying material.


Steel Sheds and Construction Sites

Regardless of size, Cork Farm Painters applies the same expertise and professional care to any kind of industrial painting job. Smaller buildings such as steel sheds or long-term structures on construction sites can be painted with a wide range of cladding colours and sealants.

Just like our other painting processes, we offer thorough power washing in order to remove any debris, dirt or grime that has built up on your exterior, followed by an optional repair service to fix any visible external damage. Following cleaning and repairs, we apply a primer and two coats of cladding paint to ensure you have a striking finish and a robust weather-resistant paint coat.


If your building needs an extensive cleaning, repair and painting process, please contact Cork Farm Painters today.

Industrial Painting FAQ

Do you only cater to a certain size of industrial building?

Regardless of how much floor space or ceiling height you might have, we are fully equipped to deal with all kinds of industrial environments to ensure your building is well protected, clean and looks professional.

Can I just choose the cleaning process instead of the painting?

We offer different packages depending on your needs, ranging from a full clean, repair and painting package to individual ones for power washing or paint application.

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